Key benefits and features of SoftwareCentral License

Stay compliant and save money on licenses

Stay compliant

Save money by harvesting unused licenses

Block deployment of unlicensed products

Get notified when license is close to maximum usage

Spending too much money on licenses?

Buying just the right amount of licenses for software is a complex task. If you have too few licenses, you risk fees, audits and extra costs. Spending money on licenses that are never used is also a very common challenge for businesses.

  • Ensuring that all software installations have the correct license is difficult
  • It is hard to identify unused software and removing it
  • Keep license costs at a minimum is a requirement for businesses

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SoftwareCentral License module ensures compliancy and finds unused licenses

The license module works with the SCCM server to get usage data for products that are licensed and is able to block deployments of applications that have reached maximum license usage.

Using the license module ensures that you are compliant and removes the risk of extra audits, fees and costs. The License module also features a “License harvesting” function, which scans computers for unused software and uninstalls it automatically thus freeing up licenses for use on other devices.

  • Block further deployments when license maximum is reached
  • Get email notification when predefined thresholds are exceeded
  • Group applications into specific licenses
  • Used License Harvesting to uninstall unused software