SoftwareCentral 5.7 is now available

November 2nd, 2018

This version also contains many user-requested improvements to a lot of interfaces, to help make your workflows even faster.

With SoftwareCentral 5.7, we are releasing the new interface Local Group Overview in the AD-Module. From here you can monitor your users who have been granted local administrative permissions. This allows you to quickly find users who have installed certain software or performed certain actions, such as created a new local user.

The Deployment Manager has been updated to show even more details about deployments, including compliance levels directly on the main page.
Furthermore, the mobile version of SoftwareCentral has been updated and new mobile interfaces such as Approvers View and Local Admin has been added.

We have worked hard on keeping the high level of quality as seen in version 5.6 and hope you also will be satisfied with 5.7. This will be the last major release in 2018. Version 5.8 is scheduled for release in January 2019 with even more new features.

For those who are using the SoftwareCentral Cloud, these features have automatically been added to your service.