Key benefits and features of SoftwareCentral Plus

Over 80 deployment ready applications

Secure platform with patched software

Applications always up to date with latest features

Unlimited downloads

Struggling to keep up with software updates and running a secure platform?

IT organizations faces challenges every day to keep the platform secure and up to date. Software vendors updates applications with security patches and bug fixes at an ever-increasing rate. Users request the newest full featured application version and it is a struggle for IT departments to keep up.

Scanning the software portfolio for new updates, packaging the installations, testing and replacing old software with newer versions requires expert knowledge and is time consuming, expensive and a repetitive operation that takes many resources to do properly and timely.

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How can SoftwareCentral Plus help?

SoftwareCentral Plus is a subscription service that delivers installation packages for all new releases of over 80 common applications. Each time a software vendor releases a new version of an application it is examined by our packaging experts who develops installation packages that are designed for automatic and silent installation.

The installation packages are tested and verified on supported Windows platforms ensuring an easy and secure deployment of the new software. Customers can subscribe to individual software products and will receive a notification whenever new versions are available.

  • Get notified when new versions or updates are available
  • Professional installation packages
  • Tested on supported Windows Platforms
  • Ready for deployment
  • Unlimited downloads

Automatic software updates with Auto Update Plus!

SoftwareCentral customers can now go even further. Auto Update Plus offers an automatic workflow for handling new software. Whenever a new software version is available in SoftwareCentral Plus the installation package is downloaded and imported into the SCCM server based on the customers own application template ensuring correct settings and behaviors.

It is then automatically deployed to test computers and Auto Update Plus checks the installation status on all test computers and notifies the IT administrators of the success rate in an e-mail. Replacing the old software version with the new verified version is done with ease in SoftwareCentral.

  • Detection of new software versions
  • Automatic package download
  • Zero touch import into the SCCM server with preferred settings
  • Automatic deployment of software to test computers
  • Email notification with deployment status