What is SCCM?

December 2nd, 2017

SCCM is short for System Center Configuration Manager and is part of Microsofts System Center suite of management solutions. The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is a powerful tool when it comes to managing large IT-infrastructures with many clients. SCCM allows system administrators to provide users with operating systems, applications, and updates.

SCCM admins

SCCM allows you to reduce the manual tasks and letting you focus on high-value projects, it can help you to increase IT productivity and efficiency. Increase your employees’ productivity by providing the right software at the right time. Microsoft SCCM automates deployments processes, such as software updates, there is no need for system administrators, to convince all users to install a new software version.

However, the Configuration Manager is complex and most often it takes experienced IT administrators to manage the deployment of devices and applications across an organisation. SoftwareCentral was developed to simplify complex SCCM tasks, SoftwareCentrals interface lies on top of SCCM and makes it easy to learn and use. With SoftwareCentral you will get the most out of your SCCM, even non-SCCM trained IT-staff will be able to manage SCCM tasks.

Are you thinking about implementing SCCM?

You should thoroughly plan and test the management features before you implement SCCM in your production environment. SCCM is a powerful and complex management application, when you deploy and manage SCCM with careful planning and consideration, it can reduce your IT-costs and it will have a short return-on-investment. You can contact us or our local sales partners if you need assistance with the implementation of SCCM together with SoftwareCentral.

More about SoftwareCentral

If you are new to SCCM you can read about SCCM here.