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SoftwareCentral is one of the most efficient and user-friendly front-end tools for the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM/SCCM)

Key features of SoftwareCentral

Simplify and optimize Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager operations and become more efficient

Improve your IT-departments productivity
Easily plan and manage large-scale deployment projects. Let users schedule deployments to avoid work interruptions.
Standardize and automate configuration tasks
Standardize and automate configurations tasks with template-based operations.
Improve the workflow of your help desk
Delegate MECM tasks to your help desk and relief the burden of your IT experts.
Empower your employees with user-based deployments
Lower the response time for software requests with the new user-based shop module.

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Blog Articles

From your SCCM to Intune with just a few clicks
In the most resent version of SoftwareCentral, we are focusing a lot on CO-Management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and therefore we have added new features for managing Microsoft Intune in SoftwareCentral.
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Guide: License management with SoftwareCentral
SoftwareCentral includes many smart features that make the management of an SCCM environment easier. One of those features are the license management tools License Control and License Harvesting
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Guide: Cut cost, use licenses more efficiently
Licenses Harvesting is a simple way to save money on licenses, License Harvesting monitors the usage of software and can automatically uninstall software that is inactive on a client computer, that way the software license can be used for redeployment on another client computer.
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