Simplify Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager with SoftwareCentral 6.0

SoftwareCentral is one of the most efficient and user-friendly front-end tools for the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)

Key features of SoftwareCentral

Simplify and optimize Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager operations and become more efficient

Improve your IT-departments productivity

Easily plan and manage large-scale deployment projects. Let users schedule deployments to avoid work interruptions.

Standardize and automate configuration tasks

Standardize and automate configurations tasks with template-based operations.

Improve the workflow of your Servicedesk

Delegate MECM tasks to your Servicedesk and relief the burden of your IT experts.

Empower your employees with user-based deployments

Lower the response time for software requests with the new user-based shop module.

Now you can manage Intune devices for free!

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On a daily basis more than 2.5 million computers worldwide are managed with SoftwareCentral

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Latest news and articles

SoftwareCentral Shop with new design

In late November we will release version 6.1 of SoftwareCentral. After a very good feedback upon our new design, we have in this version adopted the new design in our shopping module.

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SoftwareCentral 6.0 is now available

SoftwareCentral 6.0 is now available, this is one of the biggest updates for SoftwareCentral. It features a brand new design and a lot of new features, like the End User Scheduler or Auto Update Plus.

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Intune in Software Central Now it’s possible

The SoftwareCentral Intune integration now works seamless for end-users. End-Users no longer need to sign in to Intune or have a Microsoft account to use the Intune functionality.

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