SoftwareCentral is one of the most efficient and user-friendly front-end tools for the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM/SCCM)

Key features of SoftwareCentral

Simplify and optimize Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager operations and become more efficient

Improve your IT-departments productivity
Easily plan and manage large-scale deployment projects. Let users schedule deployments to avoid work interruptions.
Standardize and automate configuration tasks
Standardize and automate configurations tasks with template-based operations.
Improve the workflow of your help desk
Delegate MECM tasks to your help desk and relief the burden of your IT experts.
Empower your employees with user-based deployments
Lower the response time for software requests with the user-friendly shop module.

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Try our interactive demos and see for yourself how easy it is to configure software on client computer and how you can setup security roles to let other IT professionals in your organization manage MECM tasks.

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Blog Articles

Announcing new Intune endpoints management functionality
We are excited to announce significant updates to our Intune endpoints management interface, designed to streamline your IT operations and enhance software management. New features include advanced app management, detailed error reporting, real-time user updates, and improved compliance and configuration insights. These enhancements aim to optimize deployment processes, improve troubleshooting efficiency, and maintain regulatory compliance.
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Automatic patching and 36,000+ packages for Configuration Manager
Discover the power of the SoftwareCentral Robopack update for Microsoft Configuration Manager. This enhancement brings automated patch management, access to over 36,000 pre-configured software packages, and seamless software conversion, all designed to boost IT efficiency and security. Stay ahead with real-time updates and simplified deployment processes. Learn how our latest features can streamline your IT operations and ensure your systems are always up-to-date and secure.
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Big news for small organizations & NGOs: Free Robopack licenses now available
SoftwareCentral & Robopack are thrilled to offer free licenses for our automatic patching solution, Robopack, to small businesses and NGOs with fewer than 100 computers. This initiative aims to enhance cybersecurity for organizations with limited resources, ensuring they stay protected against cyber threats. Learn more about how this offer can benefit your organization and empower you to focus on growth and innovation.
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