One module, Three comprehensive solutions

Robopack is a cutting-edge packaging conversion tool ideal for enhancing efficiency in various packaging processes. Equipped with sophisticated automation, an intuitive interface, and high-speed functionality, Robopack is your go-to solution for optimizing packaging and patching workflow.

Package Conversion for Intune
Drag, drop, and click to convert MSI to Intune-ready formats with Robopack’s automated ease
30.000+ Package Library
Instant access to a vast app library with seamless Intune integration and auto-updates
Patch Management
Enhance app security and functionality with automated patching, delivering updates every 15 minutes

Intune-Ready in a Snap!


Transform your MSI to MSIX or IntuneWin format effortlessly and cost-effectively with Robopack. Just drag and drop the package, adjust its properties, and with a few clicks, your Intune-compatible package is ready.

Robopack streamlines this process, significantly reducing the time and technical expertise needed for conversion. Its intelligent automation ensures that the converted packages are optimized for Intune, guaranteeing smooth deployment and management within your Intune ecosystem.

Installations can be converted to:

  • IntuneWin
  • MSIX
  • MSIX expanded on VHD, VHDX or CimFS
  • AppV

30K+ Choices for Instant Access


Unlock immediate access to an extensive library of over 30,000 cutting-edge applications sourced directly from Winget and the Microsoft Store, exclusively with Robopack. This feature is a game-changer for IT professionals seeking to maintain an up-to-date and dynamic software environment, ensuring every application deployed is optimized for your Intune-managed ecosystem.

Robopack’s advanced, just-in-time compiler technology plays a pivotal role in this feature, allowing for the creation of perfectly optimized MSIX or IntuneWin PSADT-wrapped packages. This not only simplifies the deployment process but significantly enhances your operational efficiency, ensuring a seamless integration into your workflow.

But the innovation doesn’t stop at package creation. Robopack diligently monitors the application library for the latest updates, automatically refreshing your software suite with the newest versions. This continuous vigilance ensures that your system benefits from the latest features and security patches, keeping your environment secure, compliant, and at the forefront of technology.

Leverage the power of Robopack’s comprehensive package library to elevate your software deployment strategy, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest and most efficient tools tailored for your Intune environment.


Patch Perfect: Automatic, Timely Updates


Robopack takes patch management to the forefront of innovation. With its automated system, Robopack checks for updates every 15 minutes, ensuring that all your applications are always running the latest version.

This includes automatic detection of updates and streamlined deployment of these patches to your Intune environment. The system’s proactive approach to maintaining your applications means enhanced security, improved functionality, and significantly reduced manual monitoring and updating efforts.

Effortless conversion, accelerated deployment, and instant patch updates

  • Convert silent installation to IntuneWin
  • Convert silent installation to MSIX
  • Convert silent installation to AppV
  • Sign MSIX packages
  • Expand MSIX to VHD, VHDX and CimFS
  • Embed installation in PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit (PSADT)
  • Support for complex Intune Detection rules
  • Upload folders as package content
  • Sign in to Robopack with Azure Account
  • Automatic removal of desktop shortcuts in application

Instant Access
100% cloud-based – no installation is required
User-friendly interface for effortless control and monitoring.
Rapid results
Most application conversions are ready within 2 to 3 minutes, depending on the size of the original installer.
One-Click Upload
Robopack can upload packages to your Intune tenant with a single click.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance All packages are tested for correct installation and uninstallation before being released to production. Detection methods are created automatically and tested both after installation and uninstallation.
What our customers say

"I would definitely recommend SoftwareCentral. It's really cutting costs on deployment rollouts and on licensing"

Bart Janssen, Systems Engineer

What our customers say

“After implementing SoftwareCentral we are happy to enjoy the full power of MECM but in an easy, secured, and controlled way.”

Martin Peters, Manager Desktop & Mobile Services, NKT

What our customers say

“My team loves SoftwareCentral. They are not anymore doing monotonous tasks and can finally free up their time to do some real value-added work.”

Pritesh Patel, Manager PAN-E PC Engineering & Unified Communication, Toyota Motor Europe

What our customers say

"With SoftwareCentral we were able to improve our workflow and lower our IT costs at the same time. The fast ­implementation and ease of use made it the favourite tool for both, our IT experts and our ­help desk."

Daniel Kristensen, Group Manager, Aller Media A/S

What our customers say

"We have been working closely with SoftwareCentral to develop the product in line with customer needs. Argos use the product in a limited format, but it gives us incredible value in the way we use the product."

Danny Begg, SAM Technical Specialist, Argos