About us

SoftwareCentral develops products that are designed to simplify daily MECM operations and to create new capabilities for system administrators.

SoftwareCentral was established as an independent company in 2007, and is based in the Greater-Copenhagen area. In 2016, SoftwareCentral merged with two of Denmark’s largest IT-consultancies (Mansoft A/S and Euro-Consult) and is now an independent division in the holding company MS Group A/S.

SoftwareCentral develops SCCM management tools that lie on top of Microsoft’s MECM platform. SoftwareCentral offers one of the most efficient MECM management tools on the market. Currently, there are more than two million clients, globally, that use our products.

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Our mission

SoftwareCentral is all about simplicity. Our goal is to create products that are simple to install, simple to configure and simple to use. Our products are designed to simplify IT-processes and to create new capabilities for system administrators. Ultimately, the value of our solutions can be measured in lower operational IT costs, reduced workloads for IT specialists and more productive employees.

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