Key benefits and features of SoftwareCentral’s End User Scheduler (EUS)

End User Scheduled Windows Installation
No annoying disturbances for users
Reach deployment goals in time
Low impact on business operations

Installing large updates without interrupting business operations

Deploying Windows and Windows updates to a large number of clients requires planning and collaboration with users to ensure minimal disturbance to their daily workflow. Keeping Windows secure and up-to-date is very important in all organizations.

  • Windows computers need to be updated within a limited timeframe
  • Inconvenient timed updates disturbs the users
  • Impact on business operations needs to be minimized
  • Special equipment computers may need special handling
  • Planning deployments requires knowledge and resources

SoftwareCentral EUS keeps the business online and the users in charge

The End User Scheduler enables users to plan when to update their devices. Users will be notified that an update is necessary and will have the option to run the update right away or schedule the update for a more convenient time. Time spent on deployment planning is heavily reduced and user satisfaction is increased by factors. Users operating computers running special equipment can opt-out of updates and the IT department will receive the opt-out reasoning.

  • Low impact on business operations
  • Planning is reduced
  • Deployments are done within a set timeframe
  • User satisfaction is increased
  • Rework is heavily reduced
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What our customers say

"I would definitely recommend SoftwareCentral. It's really cutting costs on deployment rollouts and on licensing"

Bart Janssen, Systems Engineer

What our customers say

“After implementing SoftwareCentral we are happy to enjoy the full power of MECM but in an easy, secured, and controlled way.”

Martin Peters, Manager Desktop & Mobile Services, NKT

What our customers say

“My team loves SoftwareCentral. They are not anymore doing monotonous tasks and can finally free up their time to do some real value-added work.”

Pritesh Patel, Manager PAN-E PC Engineering & Unified Communication, Toyota Motor Europe

What our customers say

"With SoftwareCentral we were able to improve our workflow and lower our IT costs at the same time. The fast ­implementation and ease of use made it the favourite tool for both, our IT experts and our ­help desk."

Daniel Kristensen, Group Manager, Aller Media A/S

What our customers say

"We have been working closely with SoftwareCentral to develop the product in line with customer needs. Argos use the product in a limited format, but it gives us incredible value in the way we use the product."

Danny Begg, SAM Technical Specialist, Argos