Embrace the Future of IT Management with
SoftwareCentral 2024

Discover a year of groundbreaking enhancements designed to simplify, secure, and supercharge your IT environment. From seamless installations to advanced configuration management and robust third-party patching, we're setting new standards in software management solutions. Get ready for a sleek new user interface, comprehensive device management, and unparalleled integration capabilities.

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Embrace the Future of IT Management with
SoftwareCentral 2024

Discover a year of groundbreaking enhancements designed to simplify, secure, and supercharge your IT environment. From seamless installations to advanced configuration management and robust third-party patching, we're setting new standards in software management solutions. Get ready for a sleek new user interface, comprehensive device management, and unparalleled integration capabilities.


The dawn of 2024 marks the beginning of a pivotal journey for SoftwareCentral, with a first quarter dedicated to groundbreaking innovations and strategic enhancements. Our Q1 agenda is poised to significantly elevate IT management practices through a series of focused updates:

  • Seamless Installation Without On-prem Dependencies: We’re removing the need for on-premises domain users in our installation process, enabling faster and more flexible deployment options, and streamlining administrative efforts right from the start.
  • Enhanced Azure Database Integration: By introducing support for Azure-hosted databases, we’re expanding our cloud capabilities to offer unmatched integration and flexibility, making cloud transitions smoother than ever.
  • Advanced Configuration Profile Management: This update enriches service desk operations by integrating direct management of Intune Configuration profiles within SoftwareCentral, broadening our toolset for enhanced functionality.
  • Robust Third-Party Patching Initiatives: With the initial rollout of our third-party patching capabilities, we’re setting the stage for seamless integration of around 20,000 applications from Winget and the Microsoft Store via Robopack’s API. This ensures that newly published applications are updated and tested on the same day, marking a significant leap in our quarterly update cycle.

As we unfold this ambitious Q1 roadmap, we invite you to join us in embracing these enhancements, designed not just to meet but to anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s IT landscapes. Stay tuned for a quarter filled with innovation, efficiency, and strategic growth.


As we advance into Q2 of 2024, SoftwareCentral continues to build on its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and enhanced integration. This quarter, we’re excited to present a suite of powerful updates designed to further simplify and empower IT management across organizations:

  • Second Release of Third-Party Patching: Our second release brings sophisticated phased deployment capabilities for testing single applications within SCCM, featuring auto-update functionality and a revamped interface for detailed status monitoring, offering clearer insights with visual enhancements like pie charts.
  • Seamless ServiceNow Integration: The introduction of a standard ServiceNow module facilitates direct access to SoftwareCentral’s shopping functionality from within ServiceNow. This integration ensures seamless operation across platforms, enabling real-time monitoring and management of installation processes, and automating ticket and request closures.
  • Intune Driver Management Enhancement: We’re boosting Intune’s driver management features, allowing for the creation and analysis of detailed status reports on driver updates directly from SoftwareCentral, streamlining the maintenance and performance of your devices.
  • Comprehensive Software Management Across Endpoints: Our update extends software management capabilities to cover multiple endpoints, simplifying the assignment, update, and removal of applications. A new dedicated interface enhances the deployment or removal of software to Entra ID groups, offering unparalleled control and flexibility.
  • Streamlined Deployment of Configuration Profiles: By enabling the deployment of configuration profiles to multiple devices or groups simultaneously, we’re ensuring a more consistent and secure configuration across your enterprise, making uniform policy application more efficient than ever.
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting for Configuration Profiles: We’re improving the troubleshooting process for conflicting configuration profiles, increasing system reliability and making administrative tasks more streamlined and effective.

Q2 of 2024 is set to bring these strategic enhancements to fruition, each designed to enhance the operational efficiency and security of IT environments. Join us as we continue to redefine the boundaries of IT management with these exciting updates.


The third quarter of 2024 stands as a pivotal period for SoftwareCentral, marked by significant advancements aimed at enhancing both the backend functionality and the user interface of our platform. Our commitment to continuous improvement brings several key updates to fruition:

  • Third Release of Third-Party Patching: Expanding our third-party patching capabilities to Intune, this third release introduces phased deployment for single application testing, featuring auto-downloading of the latest application versions and integration with an enhanced status interface for full visibility into deployment progress.
  • Revolutionary UI Design Update: Building on our project initiated in Q4 2023, the first wave of our user interface overhaul is set to launch, promising a significantly enhanced user experience. This update is the first in a series aimed at modernizing and simplifying platform interaction, making SoftwareCentral more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Simplified Application Replacement in Intune: A new feature in Intune will allow for the seamless replacement of applications with their newer versions, automating the transition of assignments and settings to streamline application updates.
  • Windows Autopilot HTA Enhancement: Leveraging this application, the inclusion of devices into Windows Autopilot becomes automated, simplifying the setup and pre-configuration of new devices and enhancing the overall deployment process.
  • Comprehensive Entra ID Device Management: This update enhances device management capabilities within Entra ID, enabling administrators to view, manage, and securely delete devices across Autopilot, Managed Devices, and Entra ID in a singular, streamlined operation.
  • LAPS Support Integration: By integrating Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) support, SoftwareCentral enhances security management and access control, enabling the direct retrieval of LAPS passwords.

Q3 2024 is poised to set a new standard in IT management, with enhancements that not only improve operational efficiency but also redefine the user experience. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in IT management with these exciting developments.


In Q4 2024, SoftwareCentral aims to consolidate the year’s progress with pivotal updates that refine and expand our IT management toolkit. This quarter, we are focused on delivering:

  • Advanced Compliance Policies Management: Moving to Q4, this feature enhances the management of Compliance policies, enabling efficient viewing, assigning, and troubleshooting. This ensures that devices consistently meet organizational security and compliance standards, fortifying our commitment to maintaining a secure IT environment.
  • Fourth Release of Third-Party Patching: Continuing to enhance our third-party patching capabilities, this release further refines the process, ensuring that SoftwareCentral remains at the forefront of software update and management technology.
  • Enhanced Script Management: This update introduces a robust framework for script management, allowing administrators to create, edit, delete, and assign scripts with ease. This flexibility enhances the automation of tasks and enforcement of policies across devices, streamlining operations and bolstering security.
  • Streamlined Management of Intune Application Groups: By enabling administrators to group applications into bundles, this feature significantly simplifies the deployment process in Intune. Now, deploying multiple apps to users with a single click enhances both efficiency and the overall user experience.

As we wrap up 2024, these updates reflect our ongoing dedication to innovation, security, and efficiency. Each feature is designed to not only address the immediate needs of IT professionals but also to anticipate the future challenges of IT management.

Join us in Q4 as we continue to advance the capabilities of SoftwareCentral, ensuring our platform not only meets the current demands of the IT landscape but also sets new standards for the future.

What our customers say

"I would definitely recommend SoftwareCentral. It's really cutting costs on deployment rollouts and on licensing"

Bart Janssen, Systems Engineer

What our customers say

“After implementing SoftwareCentral we are happy to enjoy the full power of MECM but in an easy, secured, and controlled way.”

Martin Peters, Manager Desktop & Mobile Services, NKT

What our customers say

“My team loves SoftwareCentral. They are not anymore doing monotonous tasks and can finally free up their time to do some real value-added work.”

Pritesh Patel, Manager PAN-E PC Engineering & Unified Communication, Toyota Motor Europe

What our customers say

"With SoftwareCentral we were able to improve our workflow and lower our IT costs at the same time. The fast ­implementation and ease of use made it the favourite tool for both, our IT experts and our ­help desk."

Daniel Kristensen, Group Manager, Aller Media A/S

What our customers say

"We have been working closely with SoftwareCentral to develop the product in line with customer needs. Argos use the product in a limited format, but it gives us incredible value in the way we use the product."

Danny Begg, SAM Technical Specialist, Argos

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