SoftwareCentral Add-on Modules

Add functionality to your Configuration Manager

With the add-on modules for SoftwareCentral, you can extend the range of features for your Configuration Manager and become even more efficient. Our add-on modules will help you to optimize your device and user management and keep track of all your licenses.

License Management

Staying compliant and not overspending on software licenses is a costly and time consuming task for all organizations.

Ensuring that all software installations have the correct license is difficult.
It is hard to identify unused software and removing it.

Key features

The license module ensures that further application deployments are blocked if license limits are reached. License harvesting scans devices for unused software and removes it automatically thus freeing up licenses for use on other devices.

Software Deployment

Deploying Windows and Windows updates to a large number of clients requires careful planning to avoid disturbance to users daily workflow.

Windows computers need to be updated within a limited time frame.
Inconvenient timed updates disturbs the business.

Key features

The End User Scheduler enables users to plan when to update their devices. Users will be notified that an update is necessary and will have the option to run the update right away or schedule the update for a more convenient time.

Device Management

Setting up new computers with the correct Windows version, settings and software is a time consuming and specialized task.

Controlling who can deploy and install computers requires special efforts.
Changing the installation options requires expert skills.

Key features

The HTA module provides template based installation of computers. It also incorporates security roles to ensure that only authorized personnel can install computers with a subset of options based on their role.

Active Directory Management

Managing AD users, password, organizational units and group memberships are daily operations within all IT departments.

IT staff has to have the correct permissions on a need-to basis.
Assigning and revoking user rights is time consuming and complex.

Key features

The Active Directory module provides IT staff with just the right amount of permissions to do their daily operations. They can manage users, groups and devices or reset passwords with ease.

SoftwareCentral Plus

Stand alone module

Keeping software packages up-to-date

Updating applications to the latest and most secure version is time consuming and requires expertise and packaging skills. It is difficult to keep track of new releases and get the installations tested in a timely manner.

SoftwareCentral Plus is a subscription service that delivers installation packages for all new releases of over 80 common applications. All packages are tested and verified to ensure smooth rollout of new applications.

Your application portfolio is always secure and up-to-date with the latest releases and security updates. With the new Auto Update Plus applications are automatically downloaded, imported, installed and tested.

Simple, secure and efficient.


Key benefits for Decision-makers

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Fast return-on investment
  • Lower IT costs
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Optimized internal processes


Key benefits for IT Specialists

  • Optimized MECM operations
  • Fast identification of problems
  • Scheduled software deployment
  • Secure delegation of tasks
  • Simplified patch management

Key benefits for End-users

  • Faster IT service
  • Fewer work disruptions
  • Improved service quality
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Improved user satisfaction


Key benefits for Support Organisation

  • 1-click Software Deployment
  • Remote control users
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • 1-click computer refresh
  • Temporary local administrative rights.