Key benefits and features of SoftwareCentral Active Directory

Fast response time to user request

Easy Access to Active Directory

IT Staff can perform AD operations securely

Lease privileges to users

Automatic revokation of privileges

Reset passwords, manage users and groups fast and scope based

Managing Active Directory users, password, group membership and organizational unit are typical daily operations within all IT departments. Providing IT staff with enough but not too many rights is a continuous task. Assigning permissions to users is also a complex task.

  • IT staff has to have the correct permissions on a need-to basis
  • Assigning and revoking user rights is time consuming and complex

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How can the SoftwareCentral Active Directory module help?

The Active Directory module provides IT staff with just the right amount of permissions to do their daily operations. Limited access to only certain parts of the AD, organization or users.

  • Reset password with ease.
  • Assign rights to users that are revoked automatically after a scheduled timespan. Example: If a user wants to work from home and needs to connect a printer to the computer you can assign local administrative privileges that are automatically revoked after 4 hours

Feature rich Active Directory module

Enables helpdesk and supporters to respond to user requests faster, more efficient and more secure than ever before.

  • IT staff can be limited to certain parts of the AD – operate securely
  • Manage Groups membership – scoped by security role
  • Reset passwords
  • Lease administrative privileges to users – Automatic revokation
  • Manage OU’s – scoped by security role
  • Manage AD Computers – scoped by security role
  • Manage Users – scoped by security role
  • Manage Local computer groups
  • Setup reports for Local computer groups