Case Study: HOFOR

January 30th, 2018

Hofor logo

A good dialogue led to a good cooperation

HOFOR is a Danish supplier of water, heating and gas for the region around Copenhagen. HOFOR has around 1,300 clients in the company and is therefore dependent on a well-functioning IT system.

“With so many clients, it’s very important that things go the way they should, and that we do not lose too much time with slow processes and long delivery times,” say Peter Tvermoes (Department Head – IT Support) and Dennis Kaya (Client management specialist).

In 2013, HOFOR decided to implement SoftwareCentral after a failed collaboration with a former supplier.

“There was too much distance between us and our old provider. We did not have the same expectations for cooperation and there was not enough attention to our needs. There were just too many mistakes and too long delivery times. That’s why we decided to change the supplier. A colleague spoke positively about SoftwareCentral and gave me their contact details. It was not long before we agreed that the issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible, “says Peter Tvermoes.

The implementation of SoftwareCentral has brought many IT-operations back to “in-house”. As a result, HOFOR can control how resources are distributed and used optimally, which has led to a higher quality of IT-operations.

Time-saving processes are cost-saving processes

“SoftwareCentral gives me more time and energy to focus on more important tasks. SoftwareCentral brings stability in everything that is sent from the SCCM server to the clients. It is safer and fewer mistakes are made, which is important when working with many clients. Reinstalling multiple clients used to take over six hours. Now, with SoftwareCentral, it only takes 30 minutes. The distribution of software packages took 15 minutes, and with SoftwareCentral it only takes three minutes. There are so many really useful features in Software Central, and the best thing is that it actually works! “Says Dennis Kaya.

Flexibility and customer service

Furthermore, HOFOR uses SoftwareCentrals package bank, where the most used and unlicensed software packages are updated.

“The software packages are running smoothly. With our old provider, it often took 1-2 weeks until we received the finished package. With SoftwareCentral we get the packages delivered day by day, and the error rate is much lower than before. It’s wonderful that there’s so much flexibility and customer service at SoftwareCentral.” says Dennis Kaya.