Case Study: Synoptik

February 2nd, 2018

The implementation of SoftwareCentral improved Synoptiks internal IT-processes

In connection with a SCCM project in 2015, Synoptik decided to implement SoftwareCentral. Synoptik is one of the leading optical companies in Denmark, it operates 102 stores in Denmark and has about 1700 clients. With SoftwareCentral Synoptik improved internal IT-processes and can now ensure better IT-services in its 102 stores.

“SoftwareCentral has given us the ability to better serve our businesses, for example SoftwareCentral makes it easier for our IT-staff to implement software on client PCs. SoftwareCentral has many features we use in our daily operations, software can be installed without the need for administrator rights, giving our employees more freedom and self-service solutions. Our IT-department can pre-approve software and control which software employees are allowed to install.” explains Carsten Nygaard, Synoptiks Service Delivery manager.

Especially, Synoptiks IT-specialists benefit from SoftwareCentral. “All our IT-specialist have the same portal they work in, and it’s very simple. It is easy to personalize computers and to adapt to the corresponding job functions. Thanks to the new SCCM server and SoftwareCentral, our IT-specialists can now clean and reinstall computers in less than an hour, including software packages.”

Wide range of software packages and fast service

Synoptik has also decided to use software packages in connection with the SoftwareCentrals package bank.

“We’ve done a small test before, with two other software package suppliers, and SoftwareCentral delivered better results than the other two. SoftwareCentral has a larger catalog of software packages and we take advantage of it. We are very positive about the package quality and short delivery times. We are generally pleased with the cooperation, we definitely recommend SoftwareCentral, we have only had positive experiences with SoftwareCentral so far. ” explains Carsten Nygaard.