How to reinstall a client PC within seconds

May 4th, 2015

As described in our last blog post the Helpdesk can only access the functions we gave access to. In this case the Helpdesk can only reinstall single computers and add or remove software from a client computer.

To reinstall a client PC you simply click on ‘Reinstall’ and choose ‘Single Computer’.


SCCM tasks made simple. Helpdesk do SCCM tasks

Now we are able to search for the right client PC by typing the computer name in the search field to the left. In our case we search for CLIENT01. In the middle you will see and pick software packages that will be deployed on CLIENT01 after the reinstallation.

Install a client computer in SCCM

In the next step you decide which OS you want to install on CLIENT01, in our example we decide for Windows7. Additionally, you can decide if all user data should stay on the client PC or not, it is also possible to choose a computer template.

When all decisions are made we start the reinstallation by clicking on ‘Start reinstallation’. CLIENT01 will be reinstalled right after, it is also possible to set a later date and timeframe for the reinstallation by simply clicking on ‘Schedule’.

Reinstall a client computer in SCCM