Key benefits and features of SoftwareCentral HTA

No need for pre-staging devices anymore

Fully customizable web-based HTA

Assign pre-defined computer templates

Limit access with advanced security roles

Enable users to re-install their own devices

Deploying Windows to new computers with different configurations in a multilingual global environment is challenging

Setting up new computers with the correct Windows version, settings, language and software is a time consuming and specialized task.
Designing and deploying Windows installations for all parts of the organization is a tedious job.

  • Controlling who can deploy and install computers requires special efforts
  • Changing the installation options requires SCCM skills

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A new role based approach to Windows deployment

Using SoftwareCentrals HTA module Windows deployments can be standardized into templates for specific users, departments, countries or any other type of delimiter. It is also possible to specify who can see and use the specific templates based on security roles.

  • Role based access to installations
  • Change settings with ease
  • One Task Sequence for all installations
  • Delegate the job to Helpdesk or users

SoftwareCentral Dynamic HTA module provides a fully customizable web-based HTA that integrates with the build in manage device functionality in SoftwareCentral. The HTA gives SCCM Admins the possibility to assign pre-defined computer templates to all in your IT organization or users based on their AD group membership. No need for prestaging anymore! Just boot the machine on the network and the HTA will initiate the installation job based on the access right and configuration of the assigned templates.

  • Centralized configuration
  • Dynamic changes without prestaging
  • Always up-to-date deployments

The web based configuration ensures that your HTA is always up to date.
The HTA module uses the pre-defined computer templates for easy set- up, automatic computer naming, possibilities to add software on the fly, adding variables when installing windows and much more.

The advanced security roles of SoftwareCentral can be used to limit access to the software and Computer templates available in the HTA. Choose between various security options, including domain login and anonymous authentication.

Empower users

The HTA can be configured to allow users to reinstall their own devices without any assistance from the helpdesk. Using SoftwareCentral’s HTA module gives back time to your SCCM admin’s and helpdesk so they can focus on other tasks.