Manage large IT-infrastructures without giving up reliability and security.

September 12th, 2018

The purpose of SoftwareCentral is to simplify SCCM tasks and improve the configuration management in your organization. The key benefit of a good configuration management tool is consistency and stability in your systems and software. With SoftwareCentral you can automate and delegate repetitive SCCM tasks.

Speed up configuration tasks, like deploying critical applications and replace manual configuration processes with automated processes. With SoftwareCentral you can manage more clients with the same or even fewer resources.

SoftwareCentral consists of three major parts – an administration part, a support part and a shopping part.

The administration part provides you with functions designed to simplify Microsoft SCCM tasks such as managing computers, packages, templates and software groups. The support part enables supporters and IT staff to do reinstallation and cloning of computers in a fast and simple manner. The shopping part is a complete and simple to use self-service portal where users may order software directly from the Microsoft SCCM server.