• Standardize and automate configuration tasks
  • Improve the workflow of your Servicedesk
  • Empower your employees with user-based deployments

Improve your IT-departments productivity

  • SoftwareCentral simplifies and optimizes your Configuration Management.
  • SoftwareCentral simplifies the work of IT specialists and allows them to focus on tasks with greater value.
  • The user-friendly Interface that lies on top of Microsoft SCCM allows you to easily move tasks from the SCCM Admin to Service Desk staff.

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What you'll learn

  • A clear overview of the typical challenges of the various roles and how they are made more efficient.
  • A presentation of the most common gains in implementing SoftwareCentral front-end.
  • A demonstration of SoftwareCentral.
  • A 30-day free trial installation and setup help, as well as a roadmap for the POC process.
  • A calculation of savings and gains, based on your information about number of users, time spent on various tasks and more.

What our customers say

“We invited SoftwareCentral to join us for an inspirational SCCM meeting when we were faced with the need to consolidate our client management. One of our main challenges with SCCM was that due to the complexity and the lack of standardization, it was virtually impossible for our 1st and 2nd line support to work effectively with clients.

We had an inspiring dialogue with a qualified SCCM architect from SoftwareCentral about the challenges we experience with SCCM – as well as a very convincing demonstration of the SoftwareCentral front end, including how the product solves and simplifies a large number of tasks.

Arrange a meeting and feel inspired – whether you want the free 4-week trial setup or not.”

Pritesh Patel Senior Manager, Desktop Engineering Toyota Motor